EME, founded in 2011, originates from the ORASI Institute, founded in 2006, both companies by Dr. Ivandro Soares Monteiro, PhD, in Porto | Portugal, made up of selected competent professionals, with the support of internationally renowned foreign colleagues, which provides services in the area of behavior, training, and organization of scientific events in the field of Health, Mental Health (Psychology and Psychiatry), where it has always invested in the Quality and Innovation of its services, for individuals, students and the community in general.

With constant investment and growth over the years, in 2011, we created the company EME with a focus on the Medical Clinic and Mental Health area, where the activity of the ORASI Institute was merged with EME SAÚDE, where we brought together several professionals professionals, competent and of value, who worked alone, and now in the same space, so that, as a team, we can work more effectively and dedicated to each patient/client. We have always believed, as a philosophy of life, that together we will always go faster and further.

Thanks to the sustained growth, EME has distinguished itself by the competence and know-how of the professionals of value selected in the various specialties, with a personalized service for each user, to serve him/her better, in the most important areas of Medicine, Health (mental and physical) and well-being.

EME benefits from the experience acquired by our professionals, from daily clinical practice, whose objective is dedication to the user, without the pressure of hierarchies or objectives, where the result is to respond to what is, in fact, essential and a priority for the needs of each patient, with service in Portuguese and English, in the vast majority of specialties.

After a decade focused on individuals, also at the end of 2017 and with pilot studies in 2018, we decided to move forward and implement our know-how to companies, expanding to the area of BEHAVIORAL CONSULTING (with Psychological Coaching and Psychosocial Risk Assessment in partnership with CROWE Portugal), and also with corporate LECTURES & WORKSHOPS, fruit of the accumulated experience of 1 decade of own initiatives and in partnership with several entities.

This objective of intervening in the corporate area is due to the fact that, within the scope of clinical support and contact with private clients (entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals), we see the growing need to increase the productivity and success of companies through their material. cousin: THE PERSON

Thus, we respond to the needs of our patients and customers with the following services:

1) Medical Clinic and Mental Health
Clinical Psychology session | Psychotherapy
Psychiatry appointment
Child Psychiatry appointment
Nutrition appointment
General Practitioner appointment

2) Motivational talks in English, in person or online (ex. Be your Hero | Tools to deal with life | Emotional intelligence | etc.)
Contact us with your request or schedule an online meeting for us to understand and answer your needs.

3) Behavioral workshops for companies in English, in person or online (eg The Hero's Power Within | Selfcare & Wellness | etc.)
Contact us with your request or schedule an online meeting for us to understand and answer your needs.

Any other information, contact us - geral@emesaude.pt

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